MARCH 4th & 5th, YANGON
The most
                                                                                Construction, Trade &
                                                                                Investment event for
                                                                                Myanmar in 2013
                                                                                CO HOSTED WITH THE
                                                                                MYANMAR INFRASTRUCTURE & CONSTRUCTION SUMMIT
                                                                                MYANMAR’S LEADING INFRASTRUCTURE, INVESTMENT & TRADE EVENT
                                                                                ‘Opportunities & Strategies for Infrastructure & Construction
                                                                                ‘Foreign Investment and Advanced Technologies are Key to the Development of the new Myanmar’
                                                                                Featuring Top
                                                                                Level Speakers:
                                                                                MS CHO CHO WYNN, Deputy
                                                                                Director General, MINISTRY
                                                                                OF NATIONAL PLANNING &
                                                                                ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                / DIRECTORATE OF
                                                                                INVESTMENT AND COMPANY
                                                                                ADMINISTRATION (DICA)
                                                                                U KYAW LINN, Managing
                                                                                Director, Public Works,
                                                                                MINISTRY OF CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                U SAN MYINT OO, Managing
                                                                                Director of Road Transport,
                                                                                MINISTRY OF RAIL
                                                                                U WIN SWE HTUN, Deputy
                                                                                Director General of the
                                                                                Department of Civil Aviation,
                                                                                MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT
                                                                                U AUNG HLAING, Deputy
                                                                                Director General, MINISTRY OF
                                                                                AGRICULTURE AND IRRIGATION
                                                                                U HLA MOE, Managing Director
                                                                                of Co-operative Export
                                                                                Import Enterprise, MINISTRY
                                                                                OF CO-OPERATIVES
                                                                                U HTAY WIN, Deputy Minister,
                                                                                MINISTRY OF HOTELS & TOURISM
                                                                                DR TUN ZAW, Deputy Director –
                                                                                Food and Drug Administration,
                                                                                Department of Health,
                                                                                MINISTRY OF HEALTH
                                                                                U WIN MYINT MAUNG, Deputy
                                                                                Director General of the
                                                                                Directorate of Livestock and
                                                                                Fisheries Department, MINISTRY
                                                                                OF LIVESTOCK & FISHERIES
                                                                                U KYAW THET, Director at
                                                                                Department of Mines,
                                                                                MINISTRY OF MINES
                                                                                U THAN TUN AUNG, Deputy
                                                                                Director General, MINISTRY
                                                                                OF COMMUNICATIONS &
                                                                                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
                                                                                MYANMAR POSTS AND
                                                                                JAVED HUSSAIN MIR, Director –
                                                                                Environment, Natural Resources
                                                                                & Agriculture Division South
                                                                                East Asia Department, ASIAN
                                                                                DEVELOPMENT BANK
                                                                                MR MOO SUN, Chief Operating
                                                                                Officer, AYEYARWADY BANK
                                                                                DR ANDRZEJ BOLESTA,
                                                                                Economic Counsellor,
                                                                                EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC
                                                                                OF POLAND IN BANGKOK
                                                                                HTAIKE HTAIKE AUNG, Program
                                                                                Manager, MIDO MYANMAR
                                                                                ICT FOR DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                U THU RA, Assistant GM Research,
                                                                                MYANMAR ECONOMIC BANK
                                                                                •  Presentations from a range of Government Ministers
                                                                                and business leaders from across Myanmar
                                                                                •  Gain full insight into Infrastructure &
                                                                                Construction projects in the New Myanmar
                                                                                •  Discover opportunities in Myanmar’s hotel & tourism boom
                                                                                •  Discover trade & investment opportunities across
                                                                                Myanmar’s diverse Agricultural sector
                                                                                •  Benefit from Case Studies across each sector
                                                                                •  Discover the latest developments & business opportunities
                                                                                in Transport, Banking & Finance, Energy, Oil & Gas,
                                                                                Mining, Telecommunications plus many more sectors!
                                                                                •  Understand the new Foreign Investment
                                                                                Law and best practice protection strategies
                                                                                for Joint Venture Agreements (JVAs)
                                                                                •  Gain case study insights from experienced Myanmar
                                                                                investors, property developers and business leaders
                                                                                •  Make key business contacts and benefit from
                                                                                extensive networking opportunities
                                                                                • Featuring a streamed Conference, Exhibition
                                                                                and Evening Networking Function
                                                                                • Benefit from extensive networking opportunities
                                                                                with government ministers and business
                                                                                leaders in the New Myanmar
                                                                                • Covering a wide range of industry sectors
                                                                                • Take advantage of extensive opportunities to make business
                                                                                contacts and to uncover trade & investment opportunities
                                                                                One-on-One Meetings
                                                                                Participate in
                                                                                One-on-One meetings
                                                                                with Business Leaders
                                                                                Discover the latest
                                                                                Infrastructure & Construction
                                                                                projects in Myanmar
                                                                                Infrastructure & Construction
                                                                                Real Estate & Hotel
                                                                                Development / Tourism
                                                                                Energy, Oil, Gas & Mining
                                                                                SUKHDEEP SINGH, Managing
                                                                                Director, MYANMAR HOTELS
                                                                                U MYA HAN, President & VP
                                                                                Union of Myanmar Federation
                                                                                Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                and Industry, MYANMAR
                                                                                LIVESTOCK FEDERATION
                                                                                ALESSIO POLASTRI, Managing
                                                                                Partner, POLASTRI WINT
                                                                                & PARTNERS (PWP)
                                                                                TIN SEIN, Senior Associate,
                                                                                POLASTRI WINT &
                                                                                PARTNERS (PWP)
                                                                                KARINA PENG, Partner, POLASTRI
                                                                                WINT & PARTNERS (PWP)
                                                                                SEBASTIAN PAWLITA,
                                                                                Partner, POLASTRI WINT
                                                                                & PARTNERS (PWP)
                                                                                WINT THANDAR OO,
                                                                                Partner, POLASTRI WINT
                                                                                & PARTNERS (PWP)
                                                                                CHINABOON CHATAPOLJUNTAYA,
                                                                                Senior Lawyer, PTT EXPLORATION
                                                                                AND PRODUCTION PUBLIC
                                                                                COMPANY LIMITED
                                                                                GARY BIESTY, Partner, SOUTH
                                                                                ASIA LAW CO.,LTD
                                                                                WAI MIN PHYO, Executive
                                                                                Director, TUN THWIN MINING
                                                                                U WIN THIN, Chairman, WIN THIN
                                                                                ASSOCIATES (MYANMAR)
                                                                                MARK TIPPETS, Group
                                                                                Ambassador, YOMA
                                                                                STRATEGIC HOLDINGS
                                                                                THOMAS HENSELER,
                                                                                General Manager, THE
                                                                                GOVERNOR’S RESIDENCE
                                                                                MS. MAY MYAT MON WIN, Assistant
                                                                                General Manager (Marketing
                                                                                & Operations), CHATRIUM
                                                                                HOTEL ROYAL LAKE YANGON
                                                                                U NYO MYINT, Managing
                                                                                Director, KBZ BANK
                                                                                U MYINT LWIN, Chairman, MYINT
                                                                                LAW OFFICE (MYANMAR)

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